Johanna Pääkkönen is a Finnish eclectic witch with practices deeply rooted in folk magic. She draws wisdom from polytheism and nature-based religions and combines these ancient traditions with her own experiences. Her work focuses primarily on magical coaching for personal empowerment and ancestral ritual tools for everyday spellwork. Of this, Johanna says she feels her "soul purpose is to share this wisdom and empower others to see the sacred and magical essence of mundane".

Johanna's personal practice relates to working with deities and ancestors, communicating with the animal and spirit world, and living by the cycle of the year. She also believes that ceremony and ritual strengthens our connection with nature and help us to enter the realm of the Divine.

Johanna graduated as an art teacher in Norway and has been birthing traditional shamanic drums from her home deep in the Finnish forest since 2012. The drums she has birthed have found homes with practitioners and ritualists worldwide and she teaches drum birthing workshops in Europe each year. Johanna considers her personal medicine drum to be one of the most important compasses in her life.

Johanna has her own tattoo studio and witchcraft shop in Finland through which she sells a selection of her ritual and magical crafts.

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