Healing Houses - Sheldon Norberg

Pehmeäkantinen, 186 sivua.

In some spaces, we feel immediately comfortable, while in others we feel ill at ease. From feng shui, we've learned that energy in houses, as well as offices and stores, influences us. Negative energy from violence and trauma can linger, which is what we feel in a "sick" house. Healing Houses shows how a professional cleanses these energies to transform such sick houses into healthy homes. Healing Houses tells how negative energies, overpowering feelings, and physical effects remain in a house from violent and tragic deaths. More importantly, it shows how the negative energy can be resolved and dispelled, so that the house feels like new. The house itself changes as vibrational patterns that have been left by years of negative emotion are cleansed. Healing Houses includes a fascinating case history where recurring attacks by birds and rats stopped after house cleansing. It also provides a sophisticated metaphysical perspective and traces its development through case studies of dozens of the houses that Sheldon Norberg has "healed" or cleansed.

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